Annihilus after rage-eating a salad in the Negative Zone!

The first character I thought of when preparing to write up this purple and green salad was The Joker. Taking the time to consider it, this salad really didn’t feel like a Joker-themed salad. It felt more like a dieting-Annihilus salad. Can’t you imagine Annihilus, all pissed off about his inability to escape the Negative Zone and the extra pounds he gained over the holidays, rage-eating a salad he had his minions assemble because it matched the aesthetics of his chitinous exoskeleton? No? Just me?

Anyway, since I’ve been coming down from my ten-pina-coladas-a-day-vacation-diet, I’ve had waaaaay too many of A Salad Green Lantern and Green Arrow Would Mostly Endorse. I needed something new, but calorically similar. This is what I created with my Cosmic Control Rod.

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