Banana bread disappears very quickly in my household, especially when there’s chocolate in it. So, I’ve taken to making double loaves in a bundt pan.  I really like my Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Original 10- to 15-Cup bundt pan.  It’s served me well … like a loyal Sith Apprentice who has yet to fully realize their dark side ambition of overtaking the power their master wields.

A few other notes:

  • The chopstick test may not come out completely clean because I like to go heavy on the bananas.
  • You can substitute regular sugar in for coconut sugar if you’d like.
  • You could likely get away with using chocolate chips, but I like the shaved Dove chocolates because it’s a little more subtle and I’m fond of the way the chocolate “streaks” through the bread.
  • I really like using salted butter to grease the bundt pan because it adds a little flavor and texture as I think it helps the outside get a little crusty.
  • The photo I used is from a batch that used regular sugar because I was out of coconut sugar.
  • The bananas from this batch were fairly big-ass, so I ended up having to bake for 60 minutes.
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