The inside of a gluten-free Brazilian cheese buns.
The inside of a gluten-free Brazilian cheese bun.
  • This is a lightly modified and geekified version of King Arthur Flour’s gluten-free Brazilian cheese bun recipe aka pao de queijo.
  • I wish I had a larger stand mixer so I could double up the recipe, because these things disappear much faster than they cool.
  • Alternately, I could get a second stand mixer bowl.
  • I’d like to try this recipe with Romano cheese instead of Parmesan, because YUM!
  • Either way, get “fresh” shredded cheese from the refrigerated section of your grocery store, NOT the room-temperature grated Bantha poodoo near the dry pasta.
  • For the tapioca flour, I like Bob’s Red Mill.
  • Dolloping is surprisingly difficult because of how sticky and stretchy the dough is. I’ve found that using two large tablespoons has been the easiest way for me to get consistently sized dollops without making a Kaiju-sized mess.
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