I work at a pretty cool place. We have foosball, video games, two beers on tap, and catered lunch twice a week.  (Oh, we also have wonderful people and we get to think about travel every day.)

Even knowing how lucky I am, I’m still frequently reminded of just how lucky when our office regularly surprises us with treats.  Like when they brought in eight dozen doughnuts from Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, MA.  (And since when did “donut” become an accepted spelling of “doughnut”?)

Oh, I nearly fell into the delicious, Scylla-and-Charybdis-like trap of the Coconut and Caramel Apple doughnuts … until a co-worker asked, “Did you see the bacon one?”


And that’s when Maple Bacon Circe lured me in with her fragrant maple frosting, soft supple body, and smoky salty bacon topping.  If she had any imperfections, I was too bewitched to see them … I keep thinking that I’m missing a fantastic opportunity for a solid pork joke here given the bacon and Circe’s habit of transforming men into pigs but I’m really drawing an unfortunate blank.  I digress.

If you’re in the Boston area and you love bacon & doughnuts, go find Kane’s Donuts. If you live in the Boston area and want to work at a place that surprises you with maple bacon doughnuts from Kane’s Donuts, go check out our job listings and tell them Stephen Lin sent you.

UPDATE: Doughnut vs donut.

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