Generally speaking, our Boston office loves food trucks. The Bacon Truck, Tenoch, Bon Me, Clover, Boston’s Baddest Burgers, and Bone Daddy’s Burgers just to name a few.

But I have to admit there was one truck I was resistant to try because it sounded so frakkin’ boring. (And for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever legitimately said “Frak” in conversation.  I’m completely pandering to the BSG foodies of the Internet.) Co-workers kept talking about “Chicken and Rice”.

I’d ask, “What is it like?” and they’d reply, “Well, it’s chicken…and rice.”

BUT had they adequately described the creamy garlicky White Sauce or the refreshing yet complex cilantro and mint Green Sauce, I would have caved much sooner. I was hooked after my first experience.

I usually go with a combo plate (chicken AND lamb) slathered in White Sauce, Green Sauce, and hot sauce. The lamb apparently comes frozen in a box, so don’t go expecting gourmet braised lamb shank. That said, there’s something about it that just works. In fact, I got ONLY frozen boxed lamb on my rice this week. And about a gallon of sauce.

It should be noted that “Chicken and Rice” officially goes by The Chicken & Rice Guys AND that they’re popular enough to support four trucks in the Boston area. Oh, and if you’re into pacts-with-the-devil, The Chicken & Rice Guys will happily accept your soul as payment for the secret recipe to their White Sauce.

NOTE: I almost titled this article “The Chicken & Rice Guys: Where I Ate Lamb in an Overt Attempt to Be Faux-Quasi-Ironic Like a Hipster” but thought it might be mildly excessive. Or excessively mild.

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