As a geek who probably over-uses Instagram (and hashtags and filters) for my amateur food-porn, I’m occasionally going to share some of my favorite photos and tweets from other like-minded geeks who happen to like food. (I’m shying away from the word “foodie” because I’m just not that sophisticated.) I don’t yet have a game plan for what themes I’ll use, but if you want to get my attention, use the hashtag #flavourofthegeek!

8. (Yes, I realize this is completely self-promoting, but I didn’t want to steal someone else’s photo for the header. And in case you’re wondering, the Joker-Batman Pop figure is a LootCrate exclusive!)

#frostedminiwheats while #groot and #joker #batman look on. #geek #breakfast #officelife

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7. Pika pi? Pikachu. Chuuuuuuuu! Oh hello, Hello Kitty. I didn’t see you at first.

6. That tea is anxiety-provokingly close to that Dr. Who comic.

5. I approve of morning people, sausage, and Dave & Busters. (But I still hate cantaloupe.)

4. This must be post-ROTJ because the radar dish is missing.

3. This reminds me that I want to give the Secret Wars spin-off Thors a go.

Hello Friday. #coffee #comicbook #marvel #thor #comicsandcoffee #Breakfast #installed #geek #DayOff #sunshine

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2. Are you just eating toast? That’s not going to help your spelling.

This is one of the coolest and geeky gifts ever #geek #breakfast thanks to @lamirismiris

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1. Love, Star Wars, and the love of Star Wars!

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