I’ve never been to Cafe Yumm in Oregon. But my wife has been to Pinterest.

Thus my love affair with Yumm Sauce began, openly and completely attributable to my wife, Conquering Queen of Pinterest!  Red Sonja would not test her mastery of steel against my wife’s mastery of Internet browsing.

That all said, our faux Yumm Sauce is delicious. We use it on our faux Yumm Bowls.  It’s rich, flavorful, and chock full of ingredients I never would have imagined turning into a sauce. (NOTE: this faux Yumm Sauce recipe was originally based on the version posted by “MP” on the Chick Chat blog.)

One thing to caution, I have no idea how I’d even begin to make this sauce without our old 12-cup Kitchen Aid food processor.  If we ended up in the market for one again, I’d definitely consider this newer Kitchen Aid food processor.

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